This quote is really coming home to.

Remembering the the child/person and the unmet need that drives the challenges.

This is hard work, looking beyond, understanding, empathizing, holding space for, solving problems all while maintaining connection; positive parenting.

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Why do we always say we are sorry, especially as women? Sometimes I feel like I am apologizing just for existing. I am pretty sure that we have been socialized this way.

Now I work to consciously not say:

-I'm sorry for (stepping in front of you)
-I'm sorry for (not hearing you)
-I'm sorry for ...

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For those of you working with children, this is a wonderful video teaching coping for the flight, fight or freeze response.

Jeanette Yoffe does a fab job acting out the animal brain and making suggestions about "naming it to tame it."

She models to children how to use their "thinking brains" t...

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I remember so vividly playing "horsey" with my father. We played this two ways. When I was pretty smally, I remember him crossing his legs and bouncing me up and down on his foot. When I was older, he would get on all fours and I would climb up on his back and he would try to "buck" me off. These...

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Some of you know are just getting to know me. Some of you are acquaintances. Others know me quite well. If you know me well, then you know that I was pretty much a helicopter parent. Not proud of it. Not unhappy about it either. But I know more now.

As parents, we are doing the best that we can ...

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There are a whole lot of resources at this site!

My trick for managing information like this is through the use of my Bookmarks.

My Bookmarks feature stores everything online and does not take up room on my computer. With the Bookmark bar right at the top, I have easy access. And, unlike the ca...

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I fell in love with Skinner when I first "met" him. Forty some years later, I am courting a new approach to change; Dr. Ross Greene's Collaborative and Proactive Problem-Solving approach.

Parenting has changed dramatically in the past 40 years. Even in the past 10 years or so, and the changes ma...

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Family Therapy Fees

  • 20-minute Free Phone Consultation

    Call for a FREE Initial 20-minute phone collation. Let's see if I am the right therapist for your family. We will explore what is bringing you and your family to therapy at this point in time and what options you have tried in the past. I will tell you about how I work and why I only do Family Therapy. We will discuss the option I have for In-Home Family Therapy sessions and if that might be a possibility for your family. We will explore your goals for your family in treatment and the frequency of sessions. I will thoroughly go over my fees and forms of payment. I don't want Family Therapy to be a financial burden for your family. If it looks like we want to move forward, we will schedule an Initial Intake appointment in my office, which is just for parents. I will gather your emails in order to invite you to set up your Online Client Portal. All of our "housekeeping" activity will take place in this confidential, secure Client Portal. I will be glad to answer any questions.
  • 90-minute Initial Office Intake Session-Parents Only

    During this Initial Intake Session in my office, I will meet with parents only. This will be a more in-depth conversation about the problems in your family before you introduce me to your children. I want you to be comfortable with me first. We will begin the process of reviewing all of the housekeeping paperwork necessary to make sure that you have a complete understanding of how we will be working together. This will include documents that I sent you through your Online Client Portal, including Demographic information, an 8-Section Informed Consent Document, Payment Information and an Initial Family Assessment Form. The Family Assessment Form is a document that you will start at home and we will complete together as part on my 2 to 4 week assessment process. At the conclusion of this Initial Intake Session, we will know each other better and decide if we are a good fit for the therapy process. We will choose goals and schedule your next appointment, if we agree to move forward.
  • 60-minute Office Session

    For some families, it is best to have Family Therapy in the therapy office. If this is the case for your family, I offer a full 60-minute Family Therapy session in my practice office located in Arcadia, CA. There are several reasons why it might be better for a family to come to my office for therapy. For some, the office might be a more convenient location, family members may feel safer in the office, some may like more privacy and confidentiality that is afforded in the office, or you simply may not feel comfortable having the therapist in your home. For Family Therapy in my office, we will generally be sitting comfortably and discussing the issues that have brought your family to therapy. Children will be included in the discussion and engaged in the solutions. Family members will also be encouraged to participate in activities to build connections and resolve conflicts. Homework assignments will be reviewed and discussed. Families do better when they practice at home.
  • 90-minute Office Session

    In some families, it would be beneficial to have longer Family Therapy sessions. You will find that once we take care of "housekeeping" tasks, that extra time would be beneficial to get to the heart of the session. In order to afford families more time to work through difficult family conflicts, I offer an extended session. With more time, families will not feel pushed to complete activities and rush through our time together. These longer sessions can afford more time to dig deeper into the reasons for the problems in the family and to discuss and practice solutions. Having a longer session also allows more time for reviewing the session at the end of our time together and exploring the "take home" insights from the session. I find that a 90-minute Family Therapy session is the ideal amount of time for deeper work while respecting the attention span of children and honoring the valuable time of parents.
  • 90-minute In-Home Session

    The option for In-Home Family Therapy will be presented during our initial free phone consultation, then again during the office Intake session (with parents only.) I understand that having a therapist come to your home may be a very new idea to some families. It is not the traditional way that therapists work in private practice. I have learned over many years in my child welfare work, however, that there are many benefits to providing therapeutic service to families in their homes, including convenience for families. When treatment is provided at home, the therapeutic relationship may develop more quickly since therapy can be more relaxing in one's own home. Instead of relying on reports, I can get deeper insights from seeing interactions between family members, naturally in their home. In-Home Family Therapy can be especially useful in teaching new skills to be used at home. For instance, parenting and communication skills can be addressed and fine-tuned as they actually happen.
  • 30-minute Extended Session (In-Office or In-Home)

    In some instances, it may be beneficial to extend sessions, even past the 90-minute options. Due to the intense nature of our work together, we may be deeply involved in problem solving sessions, complicated discussions, practice sessions or even more critical behaviors and interventions. When time permits, therapy sessions may be extended in 30-minute increments. The extension of a session can be suggested by the family or the therapist, and will be agreed to by both parties, since there is an additional $110 fee for each 30-minute block of time entered into. The additional time will be used to bring the conflict or situation to a conclusion that leaves your family in a restored and calmer state. Longer sessions can also be agreed to in advance, if we together feel like your family would benefit from more time in Family Therapy. It is also possible to schedule more than one session per week. Families may benefit from more treatment, especially when working in foster/adopt situations.
  • 15-minute Phone Call Blocks (for each block entered into)

    There are times when it may become necessary for you to call me outside of our session time. Although I prefer to deal with issues in our Family Therapy session, I am open to taking phone calls in and urgent situation. The goal of the call will be to provide support to handle a specific situation and to give encouragement to parents to implement the skills and ideas that they are learning in Family Therapy. If it should become necessary for you to contact me by phone outside of our session time, there is a $15.00 charge for every 15-minute block of time entered into during the phone call. For example, a 1 to 15-minute phone call would be charged $15.00. A 16 to 30-minute phone call would be charged $30.00, and so on. It is important for me that you know you can contact me between sessions if urgently necessary. I want you to feel like you are not in this struggle alone. And, I feel like a am best able to support and help your family during our scheduled Family Therapy sessions.
  • 50-minute Online Therapy for Adults

    From the comfort of your own home or from any private space, you can come to therapy online with me. After an initial free, 20-minute phone consultation, therapy is easy. You will be sent a link to my online waiting room. There are no programs to download. Connecting is simple and quick. You will need a stable internet connection, a camera and microphone one your device, and headphones. I have appointment times throughout the day and evening for your convenience. If you live in California, connecting with me is easier than ever. I have a specialty working in the fields of adoption and giftedness, so if you are looking for specific support in these areas, I am here to help. Parents of adopted children and gifted children have much in common and trauma is often the common link. If you are feeling traumatized by being a parent of these unique, challenging kids, then don't wait any longer. Contact me for a 20-minute, free initial phone consultation. You do not need to do this alone.


11 months ago
S. Abigail McCarrel is a skilled, empathetic, and astute therapist. Her range and experience in helping children and families is vast. Abby works to heal the underline trauma so that people can move forward in their lives in a positive way. I would highly recommend this therapist.
- Ann G

Serving the Needs of All Families

I offer an option for In-Home family therapy for families of all kinds, with a speciality in post adoption and gifted children. I also offer online therapy for parents of gifted or adopted children who need more intense support in their lives.

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